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Wendy's Crystal Moon Metaphysical Boutique

Bright Blessings to you all. I have been a practitioner of the Metaphysical arts for more than thirty years. I think I always knew that I had a gift and for many years I used that gift to help friends, family and acquaintances to better learn why he or she may have a particular feeling or to answer a nagging question.

After all this time, I have decided to branch out and create my own boutique for readings, craftwork, metaphysical counseling and customized work for clients.

I am available by appointment. Email or call me today to set up your consultation. Each client is unique and I will tailor your experience to your specific situation.

I offer Metaphysical services and teaching for the beginning practitioner of the metaphysical arts including Tarot, divination, meditation and witchcraft.
I offer specialized Tarot readings, Pendulum and Spirit reading, Nordic Runes, Celtic Book of the Dead, Crystal divination and lessons for the beginning Witch. Additionally, I create customized spellwork for a variety of situations after made to order consultation with you, the client.

Find me online and let's start today!

Schedule your appointment today via my Facebook page: and choose the "Book Now" Button for available times.

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My friends and I have started a Go Fund Me Campaign in order to set up the Boutique and create a comfortable atomosphere for my clients. After finding out I was losing my job and delving off into this unknown venture, my friends decided that any help would be crucial. It is also the most touching and appreciated thing anyone has ever done!

In addition to private readings, lessons and client consultations, I am available for festivals, parties, corporate events and group readings and activities.

Blessed Be and Be Blessed my friends! I look forward to being your metaphysical counselor!!

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I'm A Renaissance woman in a modern world...I'm just like you...when the stresses of the world bring me down, I channel that energy into something that makes me feel that power within and I want to teach you how to do the same thing...Join Me today! Blessed Be, Wendy


Metaphysical Services

Whether you want a reading or have an interest in learning the “craft” for yourself, there is something for everyone with an interest in the mystical and magical world. Let me help guide you, counsel or teach you the ways of self reflection. Click on the “Learn More” button for a list of current services and pricing!

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